Any instrument or tool that has some degree of complexity will get out of whack from time to time and need to be tuned or calibrated. Take a guitar, for example. If you are playing with an out-of-tune guitar, it does not matter how well you play, you will not be able to make beautiful music or harmonize with other instruments until you tune your guitar.

Your mind is no different. It is the primary instrument that you use to perceive and make sense of the world, and like any complex instrument, it gets out of whack from time to time. It does not make sense to use such a complex instrument every day without tuning it regularly. Liminal coaching is a way to keep your mind calibrated and in tune.

We are developing a new approach to performance coaching, based on liminal thinking principles and practices.

This is a solutions-focused approach that employs visualization and guided meditation designed to elicit a natural mental state we call limination: a relaxed, wakeful, resting, sense-making state which is makes it easier to find personal meaning and make sense of memories, emotions, and experiences. Limination engages the brain’s Default Mode Network, also known as the task-negative network, which is associated with daydreaming, imagination, and self-referential thought.

In our work so far, we have found that this approach is especially well-suited to company founders and Agile coaches.

Some of the theoretical roots of this discipline are outlined here.

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